I feel like I’ve been waiting so long, that it’s like a dream becoming reality. When I got the opportunity from Umeå University to go abroad one semester, I was so happy and curious. When I’ve discover Canada, and especially Montreal as one of the option, I was even more happy, and curious. When I got the confirmation I was going there I was the most happiest girl you would have ever met in Umeå. Ask my friends, They got bored about me saying, singing or yelling all the time “I’m going to CANADAAA”! And when I finally got the confirmation, months after, from Montreal University, I just couldn’t believe it. I was waiting, impatient, to be there to realize it was true, real, fabulous. The day before I left, I wasn’t realizing it, I was just waiting to be there. If you would ever met the guy who was sitting next to me on the plane, he would tell you how impatient I was again to be there. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop to move, couldn’t stop to speak or think about Montreal, and couldn’t stop to laugh or smile about this so cute french-Canadian accent and expression the stewards had. He actually gave me few tips and a nice invitation to meet his friends and enjoy time with locals.
So first evening, that’s what I did, I went to meet his friends, French and Canadians. Then I got an invitation for a Laser tag game in the forest, one hour away from Montreal, with them and other locals and French. This was another awesome funny day in Montreal (and I swear, in few minutes, even if you do not have the soul of a warrior, you would get it easily when you’re lost in a forest with guns and teams ready to succeed their missions).

Today was the starting day for international students. The reality became true with meeting speaking about immigration policies, security, studies, university policy, and international events invitations. Then an 1 and half hour of walking around the university to visit this HUGE campus.
Now that I got back from the first international events in a pub to meet other students, I’m just wondering: How am I gonna be able to not loose my way in this huge campus which has the size of my hometown back in France?

This video expresses my view of my mission. The mission to travel from Umeå University, to France, to Canada to find Montreal University, for a new semester of adventure.


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