Monica Z – Per Fly

Today we went with Anna to the Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal / Montreal World Film Festival. This festival is the opportunity to the film world community to represent, show and reward many great movies from all over the world. But this festival also aims to share a quality cinema, encourage cultural diversity and understanding between peoples, foster the cinema of all continents by stimulating the development of quality cinema, to know directors, filmmakers, encourage new talents and promote meetings between professionals from all over the world.


Thanks to this great Festival, we had the opportunity to assist, in the Maisonneuve Theater to the international premiere of a Swedish movie: Monica Z, directed by Per Fly. Per Fly came to present his masterwork.


I have to say that this movie and biopic is the greatest one I’ve seen in the last past months. There is a great quality in term of realization, pictures, actors, story… It’s touching, funny, exciting, amazing, hanging. I discover thanks to this movie an icon of Swedish music and of Jazz.

The main role, Monica, is exquisitely performed by the singer Edda Magnason. And Sverrir Gudnason got his charm running.

So if you like music, jazz, great actresses and actors, if you knew Monica Zetterlund (but sure you do, if you’re from Sweden 😉 ), but even if you do not know her,  and if you just like great movies, Swedish or not, just jump on the opportunity to go to the cinema! The biopic will be released 13th of September in Sweden. It should not be missed! 🙂



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