NTU Summer+ Program: The Asian Adventure Begins!

So, for the first time ever, I arrived to Taipei a month early to start my exchange (from 4th August 2013), with the purpose of learning Chinese in mind, as well as to learn of the unique culture that exists in Taiwan.

So how can one put the first month into words? I’m not sure words could do justice to describe this vibrant experience so far. But I know for sure I have met many firends for life, with hugely diverse backrounds, at the same time seeing surroundings that leaves one only in awe. With my following posts (mainly being pictures), I hope that what my eyes have witnessed can better describe Taiwan so far, during what has been an intense month, but certainly the most fun in my life so far!

So here’s a first taste of the summer cultural adventure, starting with the caligraphy 🙂



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