NTU Summer+ Program: The Two-Day Field Trip! Part 1 (10th-11th August 2013)

Howdy everyone!

The opening week of the summer program was nothing short of intense, with Chinese lessons proving to be quite a challenge, but fun/interesting at the same time, with two very kind and patient teachers or ‘laoshi‘, one for speaking and listening, with the other focusing more on vocabulary, writing and reading Chinese. Two amazing people who helped throughout, helping me to survive in Taipei where English doesn’t really cut it most of the time!


(My Chinese teachers, Lin Laoshi and Hen Laoshi….oh, and Ryosuke, fellow student!)

Anyway, moving on to the topic of the blog entry, our first weekend would serve up an amazing trip to the area outside of Taipei called Yilan, which was anything but like the busy and metropolitan city of Taipei, instead one’s eyes could feast upon beautiful countryside as well as many interesting stops to make up an action-packed schedule. Our first stop was LanYang(蘭陽) Museum, a place which put on display the history and cultural origins of Taiwan and the Yilan area, especially the shaping of the geography! Was of course a great opportunity to get into tourist mode and get some snaps!


(A model of Yilan Landscape, inside the Museum)


(…..and a small taste of the landscape in the flesh)


(….Oh, and a mandatory pose picture will fellow compatriots Jeddy Yuan and Yoshinori Goto)

Followed by this fascinating place, with perfect sunny skies to compliment the day, we moved on to the Suao Baimi Clog Village, proving that the Dutch are not the only ones who can make some works of art out of wooden footwear!





Our meal of the day was the well reknowned ‘Volcano Chicken’, said to be special due to the fact that local farmers breed and raise these chickens within the steep depths of a volcano in the local area which, according to experts, is still alive……..


Just kidding, can’t say I remember the reason behind the name, but it tastes amazing anyway, an opinion shared by these happy chappys!


That concludes part 1 of this elaborate field trip, questions to be answered in the next installment: Where did we stay? And the evening plans? All will be known soon, so stay tuned! 🙂


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