NTU Summer+ Program: The Two-Day Field Trip! Part 2 (10th-11th August 2013)

Alright, so we left off from last time with the start of the trip, including clog making and volcano chickens! Starting on this entry, we moved on afterwards to the place where we would stay, as well as experience a colourful evening!

So, our accomodation? It was as certainly different for me! But the scenery could be described as beautiful, with the vibe of serenity in the air. This place, a perhaps simple bed and breakfast (known as ‘The Kite Bed and Breakfast 風箏民宿’), appeared to be good value for money.





(All pictures of the lodge I stayed in, with 6 others)

A great outdoor place to chill in the late afternoon, enjoying the calm atmosphere with some Japenese, and American and a Swiss, before an eventful evening fixed by our student advisors. However, some Japanese decided to chill indoors, and unfortunately, my finger slipped on my camera…woops!


Moving on, we were not resting our for too long, as our welcome party started the early evening at a small open plaza building in the center of the lodging area, with a buffet of a wide selection of western food, including pizza and kentucky fried chicken, a more rare commodity these days on this side of the world!

Following the opening mingling, our student advisors wished to show us and let us get involved with Taiwanese culture, starting with entertainment. We were taught to sing a Chinese song, known in English as ‘Wind in Summer’, being taught a famous dance that is done at high school proms in Taiwan, as well as being taught a game called ‘King of the Seaweed’, effectively a strange competition requiring people to compete against each other using arm gestures, with the losers joining the winner in what I can only describe as building up a ‘Conga’ line. Seems strange? Totally confused? Believe me, I still am, but it was fun to do with the whole group of us anyway!


(Performing ‘Wind in Summer’, a crowd sing-a-long, tragically difficult to sing for westerners like me, even with a song sheet….and with alphabet phonetics!)

The mood definately stepped up when all hell broke loose, the advisors turned out the lights….and all of a sudden, bright lights filling the air above us, only to drop to our feet, where many bemused expressions quickly filled with joy, to our delight finding glowsticks everywhere! And right on cue, the music kicked in, and the party-rocking had begun. Everyone throwing their invisible shapes like crazy, including a stage (thin platform) performance of Gangnam Style by myself, Yoshinori (Japan), Jeddy (USA) and Armand (France), showing a more dance-style approach at the United Nations could be a healthy/popular change!




…..Oh yeah, did I forget to mention sparklers as well? A large supply of them appeared out of nowhere, much like the glowsticks from before, and cake to complete the (excuse the pun) icing on the evening. I’d find it hard to be able to speak of festive evenings that have been more fun than this one, for many reasons: the cultural input, the outdoor party setting, the bubbly atmosphere, as well as this all shared with some incredible people, both fellow students and student advisors. This concludes part 2 of this mini-adventure, the 3rd and final part is to follow, find out in the next episode: the next day’s activities, and how similiar are these guys to Vikings? All will be revealed shortly 😉 until then, 再見!


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