First post from MacEwan University, Edmonton

Hi everyone. :):):):)

So, this is our first post and we thought that maybe we should tell a little bit about us. We are two Swedish girls, Sara and Alexandra and we are both students at Umea University, we study in the same class which is business and economics at Handelshögskolan. When we made the application for our studies abroad we didn’t know that we were applying for the same university so it was quite a chock for both of us when we realized that we were going to the same university. Since we live together in Umea we thought it would be very easy to live with each other here as well because of how simple it gets with the food and all other practical things.

Before we went to Edmonton we stayed a few days in New York and explored Manhattan. The city was lovely and the weather as well, but many days in the smallest hotel room ever made us looking forward to get to Edmonton even more.



We arrived in Edmonton after 14 hours of travelling and we were so exhausted. The day of our arrival was the move-in day for the residence (which we are staying at) so we jumped in line for taking picture for the residence id (did not turn out good since all the travelling, ha-ha), information about living at the residence and signing all the paperwork that were needed to stay here. Even though we were so tired it was very nice to arrive at the move-in day because there was a lot of people everywhere who were really friendly and also a lot of music outside of the residence so we felt very welcome! Kind of the same thing you see in a typical American movie when they arrive to the university/college 🙂


There are about 800 students who lives at the MacEwan Residence and it is right next to the school so we don’t need to walk far at all to get inside the university which is very comfortable, and also we’ve been told that it is quite necessary to live near the school in the winter because the winter is crazy here. But we’ll see about that, we do have tough winter back home as well!



So, we arrived one week before the school started and the entire week there was a student orientation with a lot of events. We started up by meeting all the other exchange students. Not so many though, there is only 32 of us and that is not a lot if you compare it to Umea University. This is because the MacEwan University is a very young university and has only been taking in exchange students for seven years.


Other activities during the orientation week was play fair, kind of a get to know everyone event where you jump around and do weird things and try to remember everyone’s names, amazing race (scavenger hunt), free cinema, the almost mandatory IKEA-trip, visited a pub nearby and went to the mall that Edmonton is well known for. The largest mall in North America and the 10th largest in the world. Still impressive since they have both a waterpark, ice-skating area and an amusement park inside the mall.




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