The first weeks

The school has now started and with that comes a lot of fun events! Except for all the classes which has started as well. But in the end of the first week it was a fall fest with a lot of activities and local bands playing just outside the school. Another day there was also a block party (shared with a neighbour college) where they served free lunch! Surprisingly good hot dogs and cookies from subway makes everyone happy 🙂 We got hot dogs during the orientation week as well and they were so bad… Did not taste good at all so this was a good surprise! Our international coordinator told us that the hot dogs here are really bad so we were lucky at the block party 🙂



This weekend we went to a CFL game, Edmonton Eskimos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The arena was huge and there was so much entertainment during the game. But still… the best part of the game must have been the bucket of mini donuts, tastyyyy.




We ended this nice weekend with a visit to Tim Horton’s for a few hours with some other exchange students. Tim Horton’s is like a cheaper version of Starbucks that you see everywhere here in Canada! And one it’s located just opposite the road from our Residence, so very close which is perfect for us.




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