There was Macau International Fireworks Display last weekend. It is a competition among countries who will display the most interesting firework show. That’s why we decided to climb a hill in Taipa where is a very a nice view at casinos: 





In the first round, Spain and South Africa introduced their art:



I am used to seeing fireworks only during New Year’s Eve celebrations. It reminded me New Year’s resolutions. I really like to set them and try to keep as long as possible. However, as one study showed 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail. I am usually not an exception. This challenges me. Even though this was not a New Year’s celebration, why no to set some resolutions for my stay in China? Furthermore, if I write them here in my blog, it will be more difficult to find excuses. So here are…

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About jarinek

I am a graduate Master student in Business development and internationalisation at Umea University, Sweden. In the fall 2013 I went for an exchange programme to Macau, University of Science and Technology. My blog approaches my experience there in China. View all posts by jarinek

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