The Swedish jar

It might seem pretty easy to go to another country with the one you live with back home, where you always can discuss things in Swedish and try to explain everything. But to improve the English and not making it so easy for us we did the other way. Since we hang out a lot with people who don’t speak Swedish (and we do are the first and only Swedish students here at MacEwan) do we not see any point of speaking anything else than English. By trying to improve our English even more we decided a couple of weeks ago that we would talk English to each other even when we are alone (5 weeks on Friday, yeyy). Inspired by the lovely tv show new girl we made our own kind of jar, the Swedish jar! So one buck in the jar for every Swedish word. It was really hard in the beginning to get used to it. Nowadays the jar doesn’t get too much, and google translate is kind of amazing.


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