My two enemies in Macau

Both Chinese and international people are kind and we have a lot of fun here. Nevertheless, some enemies occurred and decided to make my stay here tougher. I haven’t posted anything in last days because I was coping with a cold and visa problems.

Local weather is tricky. On one hand, it is very pleasant. The Sun shines the whole day and it is around +30 C. You can go to a beach anytime you want. The evenings are even better. It is around +24 C. You can stay outside, take a drink with friends and talk till late hours. On the other hand, due to high humidity it is sometimes really hot and you sweat like a pig. To protect from the heat, people use here air conditions- my first enemy. They are everywhere. Unfortunately, people use them often in a wrong way. The air conditions are set to too cold temperatures. You have to wear a sweater, especially in one of the university buildings. It seems my body is not so used to these changes of temperatures and I went to classes in a T-shirt only naively. So I caught a cold and had to stay some days in bed. Fortunately, I brought the best medicine from home – a bottle of slivovitz. I prescribed one shot for every morning and I was cured soon.

The second enemy- bureaucracy is tougher.  When I came here, all the paperwork regarding my studies was processed quickly and it was told me I will also get student multi-entry visa to the mainland China soon. Here comes the problem. What means soon here?

The procedure of getting the student multi-entry visa to China is really complicated so I will write here just a simplified version: Each European gets a 90 days stay permit in Macau. Then, we have to ask for prolonging. The problem is we have to get this prolonged permit in Macau before we can request a student multi-entry visa for the mainland China. It took more than one month to give us a paper from the university which we have to submit to the Macau immigration department to apply for the prolonged stay. When I finally submitted this document, it was told me it takes one more month to proceed the application. And finally, after this will be done, I will go to ask for the student multiple-entry visa for the mainland China and it will take two more weeks to proceed that application. As a result, I came to Macau at the end of August and I will get the student multi-entry visa at the beginning of December. In other words, it takes more than three months to put two stamps into my passport. That means soon here. I look forward to travelling in Shengen again.

However, not only bad things happened this week. I was planning many trips with friends for the rest of my stay here. After checking my book about Southeastern Asia and prices of flight tickets, I decided to make three trips:

The end of October:  Kuala Lumpur – Melaka – Singapur – Bangkok

The middle of November: Taiwan

Christmas: Philippines


About jarinek

I am a graduate Master student in Business development and internationalisation at Umea University, Sweden. In the fall 2013 I went for an exchange programme to Macau, University of Science and Technology. My blog approaches my experience there in China. View all posts by jarinek

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