The art of living Culture in Montreal

We all know Umeå is gonna be the capital of Culture in 2014. But I have to say that in Montreal, culture is an art of living. Events about art, music, multiculturalism are present all the time. There is not a day without a great event attending in the city that you shouldn’t miss. This is what is extraordinary here, and also why I love this city. The dynamic is so intense that you do not have the time to be bored.

Since I arrived in Montreal already two months ago I had the opportunity to attend many events, concerts, exhibitions, visits museums, galleries of art, but also traditional events as back to school show, thanksgiving…

If you decide to do your exchange semester in Montreal, I swear you would enjoy it a lot. You would discover a multicultural city with a great dynamic, French and English speaking, where people are happy to share their culture, help you discover the city and around, and there are many things to do around !

It would be the opportunity to spend a great thanksgiving with friends, have a week-end in a cottage in the middle of nowhere in Montreal county when the autumn is at its best with great colors, visit close place as Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, Boston or New-York….

Well, to sum up, if you love dynamism, if you love art, if you love travelling, if you love summer in October, Montreal is the place to be.

There is not a day I’m walking around without spotting a new event at the university as in the city center. Check out the video there are few events I’ve been with art for all festival, live bands as Stromae from Belgium or Les Trois Accords a famous band from Montreal.


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