Today something about what primarily girls will appreciate. There is a zoo in Macau which has just two animals. Despite this fact, there are hundreds of visitors every day. There are pandas! That’s the reason. I was lucky to see them with a panda specialist from Sichuan province where pandas come from. 


We followed my roommate’s recommendation to come at 2 p.m. because that’s the only time during a day when the pandas aren’t sleeping and it was a right decision. When we came, they were just having lunch.


Then, one panda took a walk



But after several metres, it realised it is tired and took a nap.



After half an hour, it woke up, continued walking and played a game with a ball.



And before we left, it prepared for us a surprise- a poo. It is green! Haha. Consequences of eating  bamboo.


The Pandas prepared for us a great performance. They showed us a lot if you take into account that they sleep most of the day and they are even lazy to have sex- one of the main reason why they are so close to extinction. Anyway, the pandas are very cute and that’s one of a few animals I would select to have as a pet.


About jarinek

I am a graduate Master student in Business development and internationalisation at Umea University, Sweden. In the fall 2013 I went for an exchange programme to Macau, University of Science and Technology. My blog approaches my experience there in China. View all posts by jarinek

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