Melaka is 150 km far from Kuala Lumpur. Before I start talking about Melaka, I have to praise Malaysian transportation. We took a bus which costs 28 MYR (around 6 EUR)  and it was so comfortable. Instead of 4 seats in a row, there are only three so you have much more space and the seats are more comfortable than my bed in Macau. There are broad highways much better than D1 in the Czech republic. Malaysia surprised me again.


When we left the bus, it was already dark. We called a taxi to take us to our hostel. The taxi driver turned out to be a  Muslim women .That was for the first time I have seen a female taxi driver. She was driving crazy and told us a little about Melaka: The city was founded by a Hindu prince in the 14th century and then it was occupied with Portugese, Dutch and lastly British colonizers so you can see a lot of remainings from those periods… Suddenly, her phone started to ring and she took out a new Samsung smartphone bigger than her head and started to talk. It was amusing. The local taxi drivers probably don’t have a bad life.

After we reached our hostel, its owner told us we are lucky that there is a night market every Sunday and we should not miss it. Therefore, we called a typical local transport- a túk túk and went to the market accompanied by songs of Boney M.. At the night market, music was playing loudly and merchants were offering everything what you would think of. Again, food was delicious.


During night, there was a huge storm. I went to check if our hostel would survive and it showed up that half of the lobby of our hostel was without roof which we hadn’t noticed before. It was completely full of water. But when we wake up in the morning, everything was clean and dry and sun was shining. No traces after a storm. My friends didn’t want to believe me that it rained.

After a breakfast with melons and other tasty fruit (btw. included in price of the hostel which was around 4 EUR a night each) we took advantage of promising weather and went out to a local observation tower to see the city from the height first.


We could have seen the see…


Terraced houses…


Or a huge warship close to the river.


There actually led our next steps since there was a harbour with cruise boats along the river. As we came to the river, we spotted something swimming there.


Later, it went out from the river and headed towards us. A local guy ensured us though that this animal is friendly and not dangerous at all. Looking at this picture, it was not easy to trust him…


However, the lizard didn’t eat us so we embarked on the boat and took a 5 km ride along the river. There were cosy houses decorated by graffiti.


Later, we borrowed a bike and just randomly drove in the streets. There was a lot to see if you take into account how small the town is.


When it looked like we are lost, we asked for directions to the see. Even though they didn’t advice us to swim there because they claimed it is dirty, we couldn’t resist and took a bath there. Actually, the water was not dirty at all. The local people probably haven’t seen the see in Macau or Poděbrady lake close to my city. The swim was relaxing and we had a nice view to a local Mosque.


In the evening, we just went to taste a local speciality- Cendol (shaved-ice treat with coconut milk and Melaka’s famous cane syrup). A tasty experience. Then, we took a túk túk and headed back home and went to sleep early to be able to wake up early for our bus to Singapore.



About jarinek

I am a graduate Master student in Business development and internationalisation at Umea University, Sweden. In the fall 2013 I went for an exchange programme to Macau, University of Science and Technology. My blog approaches my experience there in China. View all posts by jarinek

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