Montreal University, HEC Montreal & Polytechnique

This week I’ve been promoting Sweden’s universities and especially Umeå University, to future Canadian’s exchange students. This was a great time to speak about Umeå, the university, the life in Sweden, Sweden, the people there etc…. It was a real pleasure to speak and remember about all that. And surprisingly, the question people asked the most was : How cold is it there ? Can you survive ? […] And I tell you, this last week, with the wind, it was feeling colder in Montreal than it could have been in Umeå last year.


Anyway, now it is time to get to know Montreal University and schools:

Part of the TOP100 of the best universities of the world

One of the biggest research university

The biggest French speaking university

International partnerships

Campus involved into the city

40 hectares of green space

40 modern pavilions

What’s Montreal ? 10th university city in the world, 2nd in North America, Research capital of Canada, European atmosphere, English and French culture, Creativity, security

63 000 Students, 8 000 International students

16 000 students in master’s or doctoral programs

350 000 graduates students

2 600 researchers, 40% graduate their PH.D abroad

3rd research university of Canada, 525 millions $ of research income, 465 research unity

550 research partners in 60 countries (Harvard, Geneva, Tokyo, Beijing, Brussels, Berkeley…)


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