When you go to Beijing – you’ve gotta wear hats!

Me taking photos of people taking photos of us at Tiananmen Square

Une Française, ein Deutscher, un Italiano and tre Svenskar went with me to Beijing. The picture above sort of summarizes our trip pretty well so there’s really no need for me to tell this rather old story further, but I will still illustrate everything from the start, using more pictures.

Jonathan doing the grandpa walk in YongHeGong aka. Lama Temple
We went to a night market where you can find deep fried scorpion. They are put on sticks alive, trying to wriggle themselves loose, then put in to flaming hot oil. I walked around terrified that one would get loose..
Tiananmen square, by the gate to Forbidden City at night

Beijing is very different from Shanghai. It’s very quiet. No honking horns and the traffic seems much more organized than Shanghais chaos of motorbikes driving on pavements. It’s difficult to explain how but you can also feel the presense of the party in this city.. it’s in the air.

2013-10-26 13.25.45
The next day, we came back again to visit Forbidden City. Us girls got ourselves some hats before entering – best 10 kuai ever spent!
2013-10-26 13.48.30
Inside Forbidden City This place is HUGE. An ancient city within a city with an incredible history… that I don’t remember


A small selection of all the people who took pictures with us (the ones we actually managed to take pictures of too)
this kid was by far the coolest one!
Since our head gears were so popular, we decided to get some for the boys as well. And this is where the fun started. People found foreigners in concubine hats SO funny that we had hoards of people stopping to take our photo, some following us for several hundred meters to get more photos and even a police woman who couldn’t stop herself from taking photos in the midst of her duty. Never in my life have I entertained so many people.. with a hat
Next day was Great Wall day


This map sort of gives you a sense of what a massive construction the wall is/was


The wall is for sure very impressive and the nature around it is beautiful. But because it is one of these things you’ve always dreamed about seeing, always seen a lot of pictures of and heard a lot of stories about, once you actually get there you’re like “ok.. I’m on THE wall. It’s a wall. Great”. The mystery sort of disappears and you empty your excitement about it. This is one of the reasons why I avoid googling too much about places I’m about to travel to, because if I know everything about it and what it looks like in advance there’s no surprise in how incredible it is. The Forbidden City, on the other hand, which I only heard stories about from my aunt but never saw any pictures of prior was incredibly impressive to experience…. and I realize now that I just screwed it up for the rest of you


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