Evaluation of Universidad de Guanajuato

Jag har hunnit lämna Guanajuato, vilket var stört jobbigt. Jag tänkte jag skulle skriva ett värdigt slutinlägg, men just nu är jag på resande fot, så jag nöjer mig med denna utvärdering så länge:

How do you evaluate the quality of the professors and other teachers at your host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent): 4

·         How do you evaluate the quality of the courses you took at the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent): 4

·         On your arrival at the host university, were you offered:

A welcome event                                   yes

An information session                        yes            

An orientation program                       yes

A language course                                  no

·         How do you consider your degree of integration with local students in the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent):
5. The mexican people I have met have been very welcoming and friendly, so it was easy to make friends with them. I was the only exchange student in my class, and one of the few on my campus, which probably also helped the integration.

·         How did you find your accommodation?: 
There was a facebook group for all the exchange students at the University. Before I left Sweden, some of the other exchange students had already arrived and found a house. They announced on facebook that they had a spare room, so I ended up staying with them.

·         Did you have to pay any kind of fees at your host university?:
Yes. I had to pay an additional student insurance, it was 85 pesos (≈43 SEK).

·         Recommendations for next year’s students abroad:
If you’re going to Guanajuato, I recommend you to look up where your campus is located before you find a place to stay. I ended up staying far from my school and far from my friends from school, because almost everyone at the chemistry faculty lived in the same area, close to the school. It was like as if I lived at “Väst på stan” in Umeå while my friends lived at Ålidhöjd. There is a facebook group that is called “Rento/Busco casa en Guanajuato”, which is good for finding acommodation.

Take the chance to go somewhere to practice another language than english! It is possible and it’s an amazing experience, even though you don’t speak the language perfectly when you arrive. It is a great way to learn a language that you don’t hear much in you every-day-life in Sweden!

During the summer holiday there are spanish courses at a school conneted to the university.  If you haven’t used your spanish for a while I would recommend you to pay for a course for a couple of weeks, because once the semester has started I found it hard to find the time to study the grammar I needed.

I had a high priority of hanging out with local students, which was really worth it. When having mexican friends I understood a lot more of the cuture and learned a lot more spanish than I would have done without them. I recommend you to try to hang out with the local people too, get to know your host country better and not only the rest of the world.

Take the chance to go on an exchange if you can, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


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