My name is Therése, I’m 21 years old and I come from a pretty small city in Hälsingland. I moved to Umeå a year ago when I got accepted to the psychologist program, and so far I’ve been really satisfied with my life here. Umeå is a great city for students – It has got a great university, a lot of nice people and not to mention the big sports center “Iksu” where I hang out a lot. But of course, there is more to see of the world…

Traveling and learning languages have always been two of my biggest passions in life, and I’ve already traveled quite a lot. During the spring semester I’ll be studying sociology in Lille, a city in the north of France. Since I’ve been studying French during both elementary school and high school, France seemed like an obvious choice for me when choosing where to go for my exchange studies.

In the past, I’ve worked for a month at a youth hostel in Aix-les-bains, I’ve been studying French for three weeks in Switzerland and this summer I was working at Disneyland Paris for ten weeks. Contrary, I’ve never been in France for a longer period of time than that, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time, mostly to develop my French of course. At the moment, I do manage with my French, but I’m hoping to speak completely fluently about anything after the upcoming semester.

I’m going to spend six whole months in Lille since the semester is quite long over there, the 7th of January to the 29th of June. I’ll get some holidays though, (I guess it will be needed considering the length of the semester) one week in February and two weeks in April. Maybe I’ll do some more traveling during that time – from Lille it’s very close to for example Paris, London and Brussels.

Anyway… My journey already begins on the 30th of December. The plan is to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris with a couple of friends before heading to Lille on the 2nd of January. With other words, not a very long time left in Sweden. I just haven’t got any idea of how to pack for half a year… Wish me luck!


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