Managing the blog

How to log in

  • Go to, scroll down the page. Click on “log in”
  • Username: Has been sent to your email
  • Password: Has been sent to your email

How to change your password

  • Click on “profile” in the menu to the left
  • Scroll down the page
  • Choose your new password and repeat it. (Please make sure it is a safe password.)
  • Click “Update profile”

How to create a post

  • Click Posts (left sidebar)
  • Click Add New
  • Add a title and post content in the white box
    Select a relevant category (your host university) and add your tags (At least your host country and department at UMU. Other tags could be Life Abroad, Preparations or Tips & Tricks etc) in the menu to the right
  • Click the Publish button in the menu to the right

How to add an image to your post

  • Create a post (see above)
  • Click on the photo symbol: Upload/Insert (image, video or media)
  • Choose a photo from your files, maximum size 1 MB
  • Choose the alignment/layout
  • Choose the size (recommended: medium)
  • Click “Insert to post”

How to add a link to your post

  • Highlight the word or sentence that you want to make into a link
  • Click on the link icon:
  • Enter the URL address to the web site you’re linking to
  • Press “add link”

How to reply to a comment

It is important for you to comment on other student’s posts. Check the blog regularly – see if anyone has commented on your post! Comment on another student´s post or simply “like” it. It’s important to give some kind of feedback to everybody giving a comment.


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